Total Knowledge – Education for Enlightenment

Experiencing the knower

Maharishi International provides the essential ingredient for learning: knowledge of the knower—the person doing the knowing. Every day, twice a day, the students come together for a group practice of the Transcendental Meditation and its advances techniques including yogic flying, during which they experience their own unbounded potential (the knower)—the Unified Field of all the Laws of Nature, the field of pure consciousness—in the simplest state of their own awareness.

Studying the field of the knower

The students also study the field of the knower—the field of pure consciousness— through a curriculum that gives them a deeper understanding of their unlimited potential. This curriculum in consciousness brings out unifying principles of intelligence, or natural laws, expressed in simple language, which help students see the relationship between themselves and all subjects of study. Through these courses in consciousness, students no longer wonder as they go through their classes, ‘How does this relate to me and to everything else I study?’ They begin to experience and understand life as a whole.

The Science of Creative Intelligence

The curriculum in consciousness is the domain of a body of knowledge called the Science of Creative Intelligence. Maharishi’s Science of Creative Intelligence presents the knowledge of the Unified Field, the pure field of creativity and intelligence, which underlies and sustains all of creation. Students come to recognize this infinite field of life as their own pure awareness, and to understand how creative intelligence sequentially unfolds to express itself as the world and universe in which they live.

Maharishi’s Vedic Science

The Science of Creative Intelligence has its source in Maharishi’s Vedic Science. Veda means knowledge. In their study of Vedic Science, the students delve more deeply into the details of the field of Transcendental Consciousness—the Unified Field of Natural Law—in which reverberate the fundamental structures of Natural Law that give rise to all the Laws of Nature governing the ever-expanding universe.

Traditional disciplines

The students also study the standard subjects in light of the knowledge of their developing consciousness. Students take the usual subjects—mathematics, science, language, social sciences, sports, the arts, writing, computer skills, etc. The unique feature is that the main points of each lesson—and each discipline—are related to the knowledge of the full potential of life, the knowledge of consciousness. Again, this connection between the discipline and the student’s full potential gives each field of study deeper meaning for the students and makes the knowledge more relevant to their daily life.

‘It’s a very different experience teaching these students. They are so fresh, so sweet, with a profound thirst to know. The most distinctive feature is that when I have given them some points about history, they reply by relating it to Total Knowledge and to their own subjective experience and knowledge of human consciousness; and they do this with such eloquence, and so easily. I find this extraordinary—the way they can relate something as objective as an historical event to their own experience of developing consciousness. They have a fluency and understanding of the field of consciousness that is just astounding.'

Consciousness-Based Education history teacher

Total Knowledge

Through the profound and unique curriculum of consciousness, students awaken the state of Total Knowledge in their own consciousness. Total Knowledge is the knowledge of everything there is to know here, there, and everywhere, in the universe—inside and out, all over, everywhere.

Total Knowledge—in terms of both intellectual understanding and personal experience—is the expression of the full development of consciousness to a state of complete enlightenment. The curriculum of Maharishi International School is designed to awaken Total Knowledge in the students’ consciousness. As a result of this extraordinary curriculum, students come to know who they are, where they fit in the universe, and how to achieve any great goal they may have for their lives.

Education for Enlightenment

Consciousness-Based Education puts the enlightenment of its students first and foremost. Enlightenment is the most cherished, most significant attainment of life for every individual everywhere. In this state, there are no wrong choices or misery, only bliss and fulfillment of desires, right action and inner freedom, and loving, compassionate feelings for everyone. The dedication of Consciousness-Based Education to enlightenment directly affects the style of teaching, the content of the subject matter, the school schedule, and the environment.

Scientific Evidence

Extensive scientific research has shown that Consciousness-Based education – Unified Field Based education - increases creativity and intelligence, develops the total brain physiology, improves health and social behavior, and creates a powerful influence of invincibility, peace and harmony in the School and community.