Total Brain Development

Scientific research shows that specific types of experience are necessary for the brain to develop fully. Educators do select learning experiences that are considered appropriate to the developmental level of their students. What they are actually doing is selecting experiences most suitable for the child’s current state of brain development.

After age 10, the experience most crucial for unfolding the individual’s brain potential from middle school through higher education is that which develops higher integration of brain function.

Regular practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique produces benefits so profound in the areas of mental potential, health, and social behavior that the experience during meditation is recognized as a fourth state of consciousness, distinct from waking, dreaming, and deep sleep. Most significant for education is the finding that only the experience of Transcendental Consciousness enlivens the total brain physiology.

Research clearly shows that the nature of the nurture we receive is very important. Education at Maharishi School nurtures the level of mind-body integration of the students by building regular experience of Transcendental Consciousness into the school day. Systematically experiencing this unique state cultivates the growth of higher states of consciousness in which the brain physiology functions with total coherence even during activity and sleep.

This is a fifth state of consciousness—a state of enlightenment—in which the student is using his or her total creative potential at all times. This should be the natural outcome of education, and is cultured by the technologies of consciousness that are at the basis of a Maharishi School education.