Science of Creative Intelligence (SCI)

Through the pioneering interdisciplinary study of the Science of Creative Intelligence and its practical aspect the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi programs, including Yogic Flying, students at Maharishi International School gain both the experience and understanding of the deepest value of their own intelligence and their connectedness to all the traditional disciplines of modern education and to the world around them.

While modern science studies laws of nature (organizing principles of intelligence) such as electromagnetism or gravity, SCI studies consciousness, or intelligence, itself. SCI explores the intelligence of the knower, the full range of the known, and the relationship between the two.

The Science of Creative Intelligence is enjoyable because it explores the total range of knowledge: both subjective and objective. It is a systematic investigation into the unified structure of Natural Law at the basis of creation, as brought to light by the unified field theories of modern quantum physics. SCI includes the study of universal principles common to all disciplines—how each discipline emerges and diversifies from its basis in the unified field, and how the unified field is identified with the consciousness of the student.

The founder of the Science of Creative Intelligence, His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, explains that these simple and profound principles express, in language that students can easily understand, how intelligence unfolds, both within themselves and in the universe, as the laws of nature that govern and maintain the orderly evolution of both individual and cosmic life.

This provides a unifying foundation for the growth of knowledge. By integrating this study into the curriculum, Maharishi International School provides its students with the feeling of connectedness and comfort with everything they are learning. The process of learning becomes more effortless and fulfilling.

Our students excel academically because, as a result of meditation, they have broader comprehension and deeper experience of the functioning of Natural Law both within and around them.

Study of the Science of Creative Intelligence is the basis of the integrated and holistic education at Maharishi International School.