Maharishi International School

Total Knowledge for every student and invincibility for the country

Maharishi International School (under development) will be one of 300 Maharishi schools world-wide offering Total Knowledge for all students and Invincibility for Switzerland: a high level of integration, peace, harmony and progress for our country. Maharishi International School offers every student from around the world and Switzerland a first-class secondary education while developing higher states of consciousness.

We invite you to discover some of the unique characteristics of Maharishi International School below:

  • Stress-free, supportive learning environment-students learn the Transcendental Meditation program and its advance techniques including Yogic Flying
  • Consciousness-Based education promotes optimal learning and balanced brain development where no student will fail
  • Total Knowledge curriculum will be unsurpassed-all disciplines are connected back to the student to make learning easy and meaningful
  • Dayschool with supervision of highly qualified teachers
  • Single gender education for emotional growth, academic progress, and general well-being
  • A school building which considers the basic principle of Vedic Architecture - Sthapatya-Veda - in accordance with Natural Law
  • Organic, vegetarian meals with emphasis on fresh foods

What is Consciousness- Based education? 

How do Transcendental Meditation and its advanced techniques develop the full potential of the brain? 

Who is Maharishi Mahesh Yogi? 

What programs and diplomas are the Maharishi Schools in Zurich and in Basel are offering? 

What is the scientific background of Consciousness- Based education? 

What do young people learn about health in your curriculum? 

What are the advantages of Consciousness- Based education for pupils, teachers and parents? 

Where can I learn more about this system of education? 


Comments from principals, teachers and students about consciousness based education

Kevin ColganKevin Colgan, former Principal; Social Studies Teacher Pennsylvania, USA

“As a Principal and teacher in both private and public schools for the last 28 years, I feel that the Transcendental Meditation program should be an essential component of every educational program for administrators, teachers, and students. For decades I have observed the profound and far-reaching effects of this program when implemented in the schools.

“Its benefits for me personally include being able to remain composed and maintain clarity of thinking in stressful situations; the ability to remain focused on detail while not losing the larger view; a greater appreciation of my good fortune in being a father, son, and teacher; ability to see the good points in ‘difficult’ co-workers and students; and growth of spontaneous feelings of happiness and compassion and the urge to share them.

“I encourage all Superintendents and Principals to consider implementing the Transcendental Meditation and Consciousness-Based education program to help in realizing their highest educational goals.”

Student Comments

“All the weight of a stressful day comes off my shoulders, and I can relax and see things more clearly.”

“My mind is totally clear and afterwards my thinking is crisp and I concentrate better in class.”

“Tiredness does not get in the way of my thinking.”

“It varies a lot, but it is always good and wonderful—and I can’t imagine what my life would be like without it.”

“It’s really blissful because you are happy with the experience of who you are inside.”

“It’s blissful and enjoyable. It’s fun.”

“It’s quiet and comfortable and I feel connected to everyone and everything.”

“It’s the most natural, effortless thing in the world. I look forward to it.”

“It’s easier to study and keep up with my homework.”

“I feel completely silent and yet totally awake inside, and when I’m done I’m able to focus better in class.”

“I experience the silence and then when I finish meditating, I take part of that silence with me into the day—and the whole day goes better.”

“My mind just settles down until I feel very relaxed and very quiet inside. Afterwards, I have so much energy.”

Harriet and Warren Berman, parents

“As a parent, I feel very fortunate my children attended Maharishi School and studied Consciousness-Based education. They have gained the value of inner knowledge as well as outer knowledge, which is unique to Maharishi School. They are bright, well adjusted, and prepared to enter their next phase of life with a strong foundation. As far as my knowledge, there is no better education in this country.”

Further Student Comments :