Maharishi International School Faculty

Maharishi International School teachers are a unique group of people who bring to their students both the depth of their understanding of Consciousness-Based education, and the depth of their daily experience of the Transcendental Meditation technique. They have both the understanding and the experience that transform a teacher from a theoretician into the living example of what they teach.

Consciousness-Based education reduces stress and strain in the individual and produces happiness and fulfillment. This is true not only for the students, but also for the teachers. Our teachers, working with our students in the classroom, on the playing fields, or individually, create a sense of caring and connection that is a joy to see. The teachers are the students’ role models, mentors, and guides, while always maintaining an appropriate learning environment with respect for all.

Our teachers have both professional and scholarly training and a wealth of experience. They have degrees from a variety of respected educational institutions. Many teachers have been part of the school community for ten to twenty years, bringing long experience of relating Consciousness-Based education to their particular subject. They maintain a close awareness of their students’ progress, and are ready to provide extra meetings, catch-up sessions, and guidance for their students whenever it is needed

The teachers of Maharishi School are dedicated professionals who enjoy their work. Their love of teaching at Maharishi School is evident in the happy, friendly, appreciative atmosphere that prevails. All visitors to Maharishi Schools are impressed by this fine quality. Maharishi School teachers know how simple this is to achieve, and enjoy their daily experience of working with the children in a happy and productive environment.