The Consciousness-Based education program is easily implemented into the school without disrupting the existing academic schedule. The Consciousness-Based education program includes the following components:

  1. The Transcendental Meditation program. Professionally trained teachers are provided to instruct students and teachers. Students practice TM for 10-15 minutes in their classroom at the beginning and end of the school day.
  2. The Total Knowledge curriculum—relating all subjects of study to the student’s own experience. By exploring universal principles of natural law, students discover patterns of order and growth in their own daily life, in the lives of great men and women of the nation and the world, and in the natural world. They learn that the unified field of natural law, described by physics as giving rise to all the diversity, order, and harmony in the universe, can be experienced as the simplest, most wakeful level of their own awareness—Transcendental Consciousness.
    This classroom study, together with the practice of the Transcendental
    Meditation technique, enables students to understand and systematically develop their unlimited potential and their connection to everything in the universe..
  3. Prevention-oriented health education. Students learn knowledge and skills to make life-supporting choices for a healthy, balanced daily routine. The basis of this curriculum is the discovery that the fundamental qualities of natural law that structure the universe are also found in the structure and function of the human physiology.