Consciousness Based Education

What is Consciousness-Based Education

Know that “consciousness” by which all else is known.   -Maharishi

Know thyself. - Socrates

These two famous sayings capture the essence of a Maharishi School education.

Traditionally, education has focused primarily on what the students study, the object of knowledge in different disciplines, the known. However, education has lacked a systematic means of developing the full value of the knower and the process of knowing thus lacking the means to unfold the full creative potential of every student.

Consciousness-Based Education allows students to truly know themselves, to experience the field of pure consciousness, the source of thought, the Self, which is also the common basis of all fields of knowledge. This is accomplished through the simple, natural technique of Transcendental Meditation (TM), practised for a short time twice a day.

The experience of pure consciousness is the key to meaningful interdisciplinary study. Indeed, the laws of nature studied in the different disciplines all have their source in the unified level of life, the "unified field of all the laws of nature" discovered by modern physics, which one experiences directly as pure consciousness during Transcendental Meditation. The students feel more at ease with learning, because they realise that the principles of intelligence and creativity studied in mathematics, biology, economics or art emerge from the same source as their own thoughts and emotions - they realise that what they are studying at school is intimately related to themselves.

Transcendental Meditation is easy to learn and to practice, and produces ideal education through the development of consciousness. Students can also learn the advanced TM-Sidhi program, including Yogic Flying. Established in their own growing inner happiness and creativity, students enjoy learning in an environment that is free from stress and conducive to happiness and friendship.

An proven educational approach

Since the 1970s scientific research on the effects of the Transcendental Meditation technique has shown increased intelligence and reduced anxiety among high school students, improved academic achievement, cognitive ability, creativity and self-esteem, and increased tolerance, friendliness, and trust‹among many other findings. In particular, research has shown that regular practice of TM leads to a more integrated, complete functioning of the brain.

Growing interest in the effectiveness of the Transcendental Meditation technique and its theoretical aspect, the Science of Creative Intelligence and Maharishi Vedic Science, inspired Maharishi to offer Consciousness-Based Education, which develops the total creative potential and total brain functioning of the student and prevents the harmful effects of stress. Today, hundreds of schools have adopted Consciousness-Based Education with remarkable results. This program is a reliable, practical way to develop all students, irrespective of their background, so that they grow in ideal citizenship and inner fulfillment.

A curriculum based on the knowledge and experience of the Unified Field

The Consciousness-Based Education curriculum is based upon the most advanced scientific knowledge of our age: the discovery of the Unified Field. During the past quarter century, modern physics has explored progressively more fundamental levels of nature¹s functioning at the atomic, nuclear and sub-nuclear scales, culminating in the recent discovery of the Unified Field a single, universal field of nature¹s intelligence at the foundation of the universe.

Through this integrated approach to knowledge, which combines intellectual understanding of the Unified Field through modern science with direct experience of the Unified Field through Vedic Science (the ancient science of consciousness), students at Maharishi International School develop complete mastery of the Unified Field mastery of Total Knowledge.